2019 Academy Publication Awards Winners

At the conclusion of this year’s fabulous Publication Workshop, we’re honored to announce the following awards for submissions of publications from the 2018-2019 school year:

  •  Excellence in Publishing (Yearbook) — Mountian View Academy "El Camino Real"

  • Excellence in Publishing (Newspaper) — Loma Linda Academy "The Mirror"

  • Excellence in Photography (Yearbook) —  Mesa Grande Academy "Reflections"

  • Excellence in Photography (Newspaper) — Loma Linda Academy "The Mirror"

  • Excellence in Layout & Design (Yearbook) — Redlands Adventist Academy "Refresh"

  • Excellence in Layout & Design (Newspaper) — Lodi Academy, Academy Zone 

  • Excellence in Cover Design (Yearbook) — PUC Prep "Trailblaze"

  • Excellence in Writing (Yearbook) — Loma Linda Academy "Lomasphere"

  • Excellence in Writing (Newspaper) — Lodi Academy "Academy Zone"

  • Excellence in Video Yearbook/News Program — Sacramento Adventist Academy

    And for our on-site, two-page spread competition, we are proud to award:

    ·      Layout & Design — Redlands Adventist Academy

    ·      Photography — Escondido Adventist Academy

    ·      Writing — Lodi Academy

    ·      Honorable Mention — Pine Hills Adventist Academy

Thank you for your fantastic submissions, your excellent work, and a successful Publication Workshop.

“It was very helpful, informative, and fun!”