Setting up a Layout in an online Layout editor

Students will learn to set up their publication’s styles, alignment, type, etc., using their own tools for layout.

Fisher Hall 205 | Wesley/Mariano


Photo Journalism

Students learn the art of storytelling using photos and journalism ethics as their guide.

Fisher Hall 206 | Taylor Johnston


Headlines and Captions 

Students learn to create headlines and captions that stand out and inform.

Chan Shun 230 | Katz


Building the Right Team

Interactive life skills training for leaders and editors.

Chan Shun 229 | Nunes


Video 102

Students dive into video production getting hands-on experience with camera and sound equipment.

Fisher Hall203 | de la Torre


Advising from Advisors

A conversation with yearbook advisors as to how to make the most of their yearbook staff.

Fisher Hall256| Hill