Design Critique

Students critique at least two of each other’s yearbook spreads .

Fisher Hall 206 | Rusch


Photo Critique

Students will critique photos from yesterday’s photo shoot.

Fisher Hall 205 | Gregorutti


Writing Critique

Students and a writing expert will critique articles from yesterday’s writing double-session.

Chan Shun 230 | Katz


Editors Forum II

Students learn to maximize their relationship with their advisors. (students only)

Chan Shun 229 | Grigore



Students receive helpful feedback on their videos that will make their next project shine.

Fisher Hall 202 | Sigamoney


Advisors and
Presenters Only

Critique the workshop format. What did you love? What could you do without? A candid conversation with the workshop directors.

Fisher Hall 256 | Mariano/Rankin-Brown