Publication’s Design Kickstarter

Brainstorm themes for your publication using moodboards and Pinterest to generate ideas.

Fisher Hall 206 | Wesley


Photo Journalism

Students learn the art of storytelling using photos and journalism ethics as their guide.

Fisher Hall 205 | Taylor-Johnston


Headlines and Captions 

Students learn to create headlines and captions that stand out and inform.

Chan Shun 230 | Katz


Building the Right Team

Learn interactive life skills for leaders and editors.

Chan Shun Hall 229 | Wilson


Video 102

Students dive into video production getting hands-on experience with camera and sound equipment.

Fisher Hall  203 | de la Torre


Advisors Only

Learn how to guide students through the steps of publication workshop, especially with the new formats and technology. New advisors and seasoned professionals team up to form great ideas for advising.

Fisher Hall  256 | Mariano/Rankin-Brown