Learn to differentiate between serif, sans, modern, old style, transitional and decorative fonts. Learn to mix typefaces that will look great and are readable.

Fisher Hall 205 | Rusch


Digital Photography

Students will maximize the settings and options on their digital cameras to capture great stories and imagery.

Fisher Hall 206 | Kyle


AP Style

Learn how to develop credible writing, by working to master grammar, punctuation, and the principles and practices of reporting. Learn how to stay on track.

Chan Shun 230 | Thew


Yearbook Advertising

Learn how to approach prospective donors and businesses to generate revenue for your publications.

Chan Shun 229 | Rai


Video Shoot:
Double Session

Students get creative and shoot a short film (60 - 90 seconds) documenting the Pub Workshop experience.

Multiple Locations | de la Torre


Tech Forum:
Social Media & Publications

Come prepared to share how your publication can make the most of using social media.

Fisher Hall  256 | Helms