Setting up a Layout in an online Layout editor

Learn to set up a publication’s styles, alignment, type, etc., using your own layout tools.

Fisher Hall 205 | Wesley/Mariano


Photography 101

Students learn the basics of photography that will make their photos look more than just basic.

Fisher Hall 206 | Kyle


Newswriting 101

Students learn how to use the inverted pyramid and other news writing staples that give their audience accurate and informative stories.

Chan Shun 230 | Thew


Leadership 101

Learn about Top 5 Leadership Hacks, showing how to effectively communicate with your teams and schools.

Chan Shun Hall 229 | Wilson


Video 101

Students dive into video production, getting hands-on experience with camera and sound equipment.

Fisher Hall  203 | de la Torre


Bootcamp for New Advisors

Learn all you need to know about being a publication advisor from seasoned advisors.

Fisher Hall  256  | Hill