Layout Ideas

Learn to identify objectives, how to create thumbnail sketches, consider sequence, and about creating layouts using the grid.

Fisher Hall 205 | Rusch


Photo Post Production

Students learn how to finish their photos by editing and enhancing them in Lightroom.

Photo Studio | Kyle



Students learn how to talk to anybody, anywhere, about anything to find the information and stories that publications need. 

Chan Shun 230 | Katz


Project Management

Learn how to successfully coordinate your projects from start to finish.

Chan Shun Hall 229 | St. Clair


Video Shoot:
Double Session 

Students get creative and shoot a short film (60 - 90 seconds) documenting the Pub Workshop experience.

Multiple Locations | de la Torre


Advisor/Presenter Lounge

Stand, sit, network, relax, work, refresh, or all of the above, at our visual arts lounge. Wifi and refreshments available.

Fisher Hall  210